The world's most expensive bottle of vodka was stolen

Posted by Tom Pirruccello on

A bottle of Russo-Baltique vodka claimed to be worth $1.3 million USD (£960,154) was stolen from a Copenhagen, Denmark bar on Tuesday. The bottle is the only one of its kind and once appeared in an episode of House of Cards. Charity Because International created 'The Shoe That Grows', a shoe which can expand up to 5 sizes. They have now distributed over 120,000 pairs, helping to prevent soil-transmitted disease in the developing world. To celebrate their first NFL playoff appearance since 2000, the Jaguars will be serving teal-colored ice cream, beer and cheeseburgers in Jacksonville this weekend. While you eat your teal burger and ice cream make sure you wearing the best clothing protectors in the business from Professional Fit Clothing

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