Wisdom Wednesday

Posted by Tom Pirruccello on

Well as we have reach the middle point of the first full week of June 2017 there is so much going on locally and over seas. Its seems some how a whole plane carrying over 100 passenger has gone missing (let that sink in) yes i said missing, did i happen to mention its a military transport plane. More sad news over seas of another terror attack which isis claims responsibility. Here a little light news to brighten your day another baseball player has hit 4 home runs in a single game only the 17th player to do so. I would hate to be that team he seemed to easily hit pitches out the park against. But it is hump-day so as we slug across this Wednesday know you made it half way thru only 2 more days to go till the weekend. Just make sure keep them clothes tidy and stylish with Professional Fit Clothing stunning clothing protectors and bibs.

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