About Us

Welcome to Professional Fit, A Unique and Special Clothing Service for the Health Care Industry

Since 1987, Professional Fit Clothing has established a much-needed service for people with special needs by providing our fashions to those who are in state developmental centers, intermediate and residential care facilities, group homes, independent living programs, and individuals with Alzheimer's and dementia.   The purpose of our company is to provide quality clothing that is comfortable, fashionable, functional, and affordable. Furthermore, our clothing is age appropriate and can be specially adapted if necessary. With unique styles that are not available in stores, this site is designed to give administrators, fashion center managers, social service designees, care providers, and all individuals with disabilities and special needs a convenient alternative to conventional methods of purchasing clothing. Now specializing in Pica behavioral clothing and bedding. Look forward to hearing from you. 




  • Custom Labels
  • Name Labels

    If requested, each article of clothing comes with a name label that is heat sealed in an inconspicuous area. Labels are made to withstand extremely hot temperatures of industrial strength washings and are Free of charge.

  • Individualized Receipts
  • Individualized Receipts

    Each customer receives an individualized receipt with their name, facility name, and an itemized breakdown of each item ordered.

  • Color Coordinate Outfits
  • Color Coordinating Outfits

    Our fashion coordinators are trained to make sure that every order going out is color coordinated. Many customers give us their favorite colors around which to coordinate and to personalize their own individual look. All outfits will have a variety of colors, prints, or designs that will match perfectly.

  • Wholesale Division
  • Wholesale Division

    Contact a customer service representative for more information regarding our wholesale products and prices.

  • Satisfaction Garunteed
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If you are not completely satisfied with any item, let us know whether you would prefer an exchange, credit, or refund. For your convenience we will have U.P.S. pick up your package.