Custom Alterations

You can order online or by phone.  If you are a Southern California resident, you may also order on location.  There is no shipping cost for walk-in orders.

Placing an order for a custom alteration is simple.  Please follow these instructions to place your order: 

How to Measure

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  1. Fill out the form below providing the necessary measurements.  You may leave unneeded fields blank. 
  2. We will contact you to confirm that the information is correct and provide you with a price quote.
  3. Once we have confirmation, we will provide you with a custom invoice and an ETA for the alteration.
  4. Once your order is placed, please allow up to two working days for the alterations and return shipping.

To place an order by fax or email, download our PDF form and send it to or fax 818-563-1834.

Online Order Form